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Limited Edition


Material :




Year : 2015


Exact Measurements 


Chair : 40X40X25cm 




Working couples don’t have time for themselves, much less for each other. They eat 

dinner by themselves and come home late at night after work. It used to be that wives welcomed their husbands when they got home. But now whoever comes home first, arrives to an empty and dark house. When we interview newlywed couples, it is this sense of emptiness and desolation that makes them unhappy and lonely. Even when both newlyweds are home, they often relax separately. Soft light stimulates people by controlling the mood in the home. To bring couples closer together, we have designed So-Ban to give a small pleasure when newlyweds arrive home and a soft light to keep couples together so they can relax after a long day at work.


Connecting Couples

Imagine walking into your house and having soft moonlight on the wall welcome you home.

You take the moon from the wall and it transforms into table. You get some wine or beer ready for your spouse when they get home so you can relax together. In this soft moonlight, you focus on what is important to you, each other.

So-Ban is a bridge for couples. It helps people focus on each other, especially in the dark with the lights turned off.



We have reinterpreted the shape and form of the traditional small table. Like traditional 

so-bans, our table is designed to hang on the wall when not in use as a table. So-Ban becomes a beautiful lamp to enhance the home when not being used as a table. Because of this, it allows space to be used efficiently. The table’s battery charges during the day while hanging on the wall. It adjusts it’s light based on the ambient light of the room, producing no light during the day. But as the room darkens, So-Ban becomes brighter. However, the intensity of light can always be adjusted by caressing the tactile sensors on the table top.


Portability & Convenience

The traditional cloud form handles are ergonomic, making it easy to carry. It's small and lightweight so it can be moved easily. This is important for newlywed couples who move often. The table sits at 250mm, the same as traditional so-bans, making it comfortable for people of average height. It allows people to comfortably lean on the table when sitting on the floor or bed. 


Design Inspiration

The name So-Ban comes from the Korean word for “small table.” We feel the name preserves So-Ban's Asian heritage. Our design is inspired by traditional small tables with following Asian aesthetics. Its handles and legs are from traditional cloud shapes, which represent fertility and longevity. It recreates moonlight, which is cherished in Asia unlike the West which is sun-centered. The legs are semi-circles which mirrors its lunar shape and design and makes it easy to fold and hang back on the wall. The moon represents abundance and longevity for the family in Asia. And So-Ban connects to this rich history to solve problems for young couples suffering from a work-focused life.

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