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 세상에 하나뿐인 나만의 오브젝트 

 : Make Your Own Object


Concept : 

레이어 시리즈는 단순한 물건이 아닌 나의 취향이 오롯이 반영된 오브젝트 입니다. 

개성 없는 사물들, 아이덴티티 없는 똑같은 사물들, 그리고 쉽게 질리고 버리는 것에 익숙한 사람들.

우리는 약속이나 한 듯 똑같은 유행에 비슷한 취향을 가지며 개성 없는 물건을 소비하며 살아갑니다. 

‘Layer Collection’ 은 하나하나의 이미지가 쌓여 아이덴티티가 완성됩니다.

듣고 싶은 음악을 선곡해 듣듯이 다양한 레이어를 꽂아서 자신만의 오브젝트를 만듭니다. 

그날의 느낌에 따라 레이어를 끼워 새로운 물건을 갖는 듯한 효과를 얻을 수 있습니다. 

기분에 따라 음악을 고르듯,투명한 아크릴소재 의자에 이미지를 바꿔 넣을 수 있는 유연한 디자인.

다양한 색감과 패턴의 판화를 중복해 끼워 넣으며 ‘ 커스터마이징 ‘ 의 재미를 느낄 수 있습니다. 

정해진 디자인이 아닌 사용자와 같이 만들어가는 새로운 플래폼을 제시합니다. 

개인의 취향에 따라 만들어진 ‘Layer’를 통해 물건에 대한 애착과 지속 가능한 디자인을 통해 가치있는 소비를 제안합니다. 


The Layer is a customizing chair designed for individuality and sustainability. Users can make their own chair which reflects their taste by using each images. I have great interest in our society and phenomenon happening around us. When I begin a new design project and start brainstorming, main source of my idea comes from a lot of experiences and inspiration I got everyday.

It differs from cooking to social phenomenon. These experiences and inspiration drive me to unexpected idea and unexpected work which gives a new form of life. This is how I start my design work. 

Also, The Layer has started from a social phenomena. In this modern society, each people have their own identity, but they often don’t express their characters. People used to follow the trends and consume mass made products which have no personality. After those products become out of style, then it is used to be thrown away. I am concerned about this situation.

If people have product which can contain each person’s identity, they are not going to be thrown away so easily.

It is even better when people can pass down their furniture to descendants.

The Layer will be existed as a new chair all the time as long as someone changes its composition of layered images in the chair.

I chose the chair to express my concept because chair has a metaphor of men.

Using customizing layers, I expect it brings individuality to people and sustainability as well. 


In Adobe Photoshop, many layers with different features get together and they finally become one good masterpiece.

I thought it is really interesting to see how all those separated layers make new work, and how it expresses its own identity.

I wanted to put this concept to industrial design, in expectation of a new concept of furniture. People can make their own chair by putting various layers they want as if they select songs. The Layer focuses on the contents.

The concept of the ‘Layer’ seems like us. Nobody is the same. Everyone has their own stories by making themselves.

That experiences make their mood and represent them. Likewise, the chair’s mood is changed by putting and organizing the layers. People usually change furniture to change the interior. It is common to throw away old stuffs. I considered how to make people using furniture for longer. When there is affection and special meaning on the furniture, they would keep it continuously. With people’s own stories, own tastes, The Layer can be born newly.


I want to tell you about Individuality of the Layer. This chair has so much potential, actually it can be every image like paintings, cartoons or textures. If someone wants to have classical chair, just put a classical layer, and if someone wants to get a funky chair, just get a layer printed funky images and put it in. it can be everything even famous designer’s chair. It can be born as user’s imagination. Plus, it will reflect their own preferences. For example, let’s suppose there are two persons.

One of them is a boy and another is a girl. If a boy likes cartoons, he can have cartoon’s chair or draw something on it.

If a girl has romantic taste, chair can be an artwork in her own way. 


Lastly, I want to tell you about sustainability that the Layer has. Changeable design leads to long term use. This chair can be appreciated by people when they are not using the chair. Basically the chair is composed of an acrylic frame and several acrylic panels. Printed images will be different from chairs to chairs. Limited quantity or prints will be provided with a chair.

This chair could be utilized in various ways. Furthermore, it can change mood of the whole space easily. 



If people can organize their items and make furniture as mood or as their taste, then they are going to have a great affection to their items. They can have fun with the chair. It will be the only one chair which has its own identity in the world. Due to this fact, they don’t need to buy a new one. The Layer can be a solution to this fast consuming society. Everyone can be a creator and have identity with the Layer. Ready-made goods in our society look similar to us. Through the Layer made by personal preference, I expect people to get attached to the object and be a part of sustainable society.

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