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Sohyun Yun


I have a passion for the issues of our society and the phenomenon happening around us.

Whenever I begin a new design project and start brainstorming, my main source of

inspiration are my everyday experiences. These experiences drive me to unexpected

ideas and unpredicted designs which allows me to bring a new form to life.

I like the narrative design and storytelling from unexpected area.

So, The goal from my design is to give people a message. For this,

I hope to gain sympathy from the people. 






School of Visual Art, Manhattan, N.Y 

: Course Taken : Advertisement, Fine Art



Istanbul Technical University,Istanbul,Turkey. Exchange Student

: Course Taken : Typography, Culture Communication, Model making, Philosophy of Art.


2010.3 - 2016.2 

Seoul National University Science&Technology,Seoul,Korea. Department of Design.

: Course Taken : Industrial Design, Typography, Graphic Design, Design and Strategy, Advertisement, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, Design Marketing.





_2016 ( 3.2-3.6 )

The 34th Korea Galleries Art Fair


_2016 ( 3.25-3.29 )

Young Creative Korea 2016


_2016 ( 4.12-4.17 )

Meet My Project @Milan Design Week


_2016 ( 5.6-8 )

7 Pictures @WDF


_2016 ( 11,- )

Stilwerk @Hambrug


_2016 (12.)

Home Table Deco Fair 

Up & Coming Designers @COEX



Stilwerk & Circle Gallery exhibition @Circle Gallery



Future with Arts @Daegu Art Factory



Indang museum




_2015 Cheil Idea Festival. Silver, Bronze 


_2016 YCK Award 40 & Winner of Presidential Youth Commission

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