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디자이너 윤소현은 산업디자인과 예술의 경계에서 디자인 활동을 이어가고 있다. 

실용과 기능적인 솔루션을 중시하는 산업디자인에 예술적 가치를 접목하는 일. 

고고한 예술과 달리 친근하게 대중의 공감을 사는 디자인을 하는 것. 

이것이 윤소현 디자이너가 세상을 바라보는 따스하고 감성적인 방식이다. 

- 까사리빙 인터뷰 中 

Sohyun Yun is graduated from Seoul National University Science and Technology(Seoultech) in Seoul Korea. Her major is Design Department. She Studied Graphic and fine art in SVA in New York U.S. Above this, She studied industrial design at ITU in Turkey,Istanbul.Like this, She is advanturous,interested all design area across the board. She says that life is like journey, all brilliant Idea comes from various experiences, and it helps her to make her personality & design identity. Because she says My background defines who I am and it gathers to be my life ”


Sohyun has ambition, she believes that Design has a power to change the world, and she wants to make new paradigm with her new perspective sight. According to her representative work,Layer, She wants to make sustanable design. The reason why her design feels new is that she sees the object by different process and different way. She used to design object from her philosophy or conception. The ‘Layer Project’ is also started from phenomenon of our society. 


She says 

“ I think Design is connected to our society. I have great interest in our society and phenomenon happening around us. when I begin a new design project and start brainstorming, the main source of my idea comes from a lot of experiences and inspiration i got everyday. It differs from cooking to social phenomenon. These experiences and inspiration drive me to unexpected idea and unexpected work which gives a new form of life. This is how I start my design work.”


She has started to exhibit and appears at renowned fair and magazines such as milan design week and design boom. She made the work as design product but it achieve recognition as an art-pieces. Because of her philosophy and its method. She designs sit on the axis between aesthetic art and practical design, but always contain element of dissonance that creates a sense of balance and tension within the work.


- She wants to apply different area(graphic or craftsmanship) to industrial design continuously. Now she has prepared the next new layer series for stilwerk.


No matter what she makes she wants to make the world a happier place through design she makes. Because ‘Be happy’ is her standard when she has to choose option.

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